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We offer all types of Ayurveda treatments with pure traditional & concept of ancient periods. It offer mainly two kinds of treatments: Rejuvenative and Circulative Rejuvenative treatments in Ayurveda are designed to remove accumulated toxins from body & mind, revitalize the body tissues and improve the fluid aciculation. It includes mainly panchakarma therapies along with Kerala treatments like Kizhi, Dhara, Uzhichil, Pizhichil. Circulative treatments are done for the diseased (condition) on the basis of detected health questionnaire & by the investigation report.

Blog Facilities:

Yoga and Meditation hall:-
Exclusive hall for Yoga practices and meditation

Ayurvedic Pharmacy:-
Complete range of ayurvedic medicine

Food facilities

Patient Care:-We are committed to provide personalized services to patients with care and compassion.